Pocket Adventures

Pocket Adventures get kids outside, enjoying the many things nature has to share with them. Finally, a healthy way that gets your children playing, learning and having fun outside.

Pocket Adventures: Originally aired on PBS ThinkBright TV

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Children in the United States now spend an average of 5 ½ hours a day watching television and, or, using electronic media – more time than they spend doing anything else besides sleeping. The average kindergarten student has seen more than 5,000 hours of television, having spent more time in front of the TV than it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree.

There are an estimated 11 million U.S. children who are overweight and an additional 13 million who are at risk for being overweight. Social stigmatization and poor self-image associated with weight problems threaten their social and psychological development, and the health risks associated with obesity threaten their physical well-being. Moreover, recent research indicates that a lack of physical activity is not only a root cause of weight gain and obesity but it is also a factor associated with lower academic achievement. [4] New studies suggest that young children who watch television excessively have a greater chance of developing attention problems that can further inhibit learning.

Children need to become more active, physically and mentally, and it is in the public interest for broadcasters of children’s programming to provide more programs that initiate and support physical fitness and hands-on learning. The Pocket Adventures series of short films and website are the result of a two year development effort by Skipping Stone Pictures, Ltd. using input from various members of the community to address the immediate need.

The word "adventure" conjures excitement and anticipation. It conveys novelty, daring and chance. The prospect of a discovery or a test of skill and courage can be very enticing, especially for those with active imaginations. The name "Pocket Adventures" suggests those that are perfectly suited for young children – safe, fun, and enriching.

The promise of an adventure can captivate children and provide a rich opportunity for family literacy. Many adventure activities will give children the opportunity for physical exertion and hands-on learning. It’s all the more exciting when there’s a pocket-sized tool such as a magnifying glass, a birdcall, a compass, a mini flashlight, a notepad and pencil or a camera that they can take with them; it’s more exciting still when there are pocket-sized treasures to discover. To optimize their educational potential, those activities can be turned into adventure stories, bringing them to life in a way that children understand and enjoy.

Healthy children are naturally curious, they thrive on physical activity and hands-on experiences, and they enjoy good stories. The association with bold, enterprising actions, discoveries and rewards and its implication for exciting stories make Pocket Adventures the perfect realm for a “healthy body, healthy mind” education program for young children.