About Us

Totally Organic Multimedia. What it is and why you need it.

Albarella Media is a multimedia design and consulting firm that can help you take advantage of the great potential multimedia presentations have to offer your business.

In the past, you may have produced a slide show or conventional video to get your messages to customers or employees. However, with the technology available today, many businesses –including your competitors – are moving beyond the conventional.

Today’s businesses routinely use multimedia presentation that may combine video, advanced 3D graphics, computer animation and digitally created audio elements. These presentations may then be distributed to your target audience through a Blu-Ray DVD, live webcasts, podcasts or virtual meeting space.

At Albarella Media, we serve as a resource for businesses that need a single, reliable source for putting together the many diverse elements of a multimedia presentation

We use our more than 20 years of media experience and award-winning creative and technical skills to create a “totally organic” multimedia presentation – on in which all the elements work together effectively to deliver a dynamic and memorable business message. If this is the kind of presentation you’re looking for, and you need to get it done on time and on budget you need to talk to us.